I Really am a Rocket Scientist!
But, I've loved audio equipment, cars, and boats since I was a kid! I
grew up in Arlington, Texas; attended MIT after high school,
graduated with a S.B. Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics in
1967 and joined NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. I helped put
Man on Moon in 1969 and helped launch about a 100 other
manned missions before I retired in 1993.

Oh, while at MIT I designed and built many high powered vacuum
tube stereo amplifiers, and I had the pleasure of taking Acoustics
101 (probably not the real number, electrical engineering was
course 6) from the now famous Amar Bose.

Over the last dozen or so years I've designed and built many audio
devices for other companies as a consultant. These included CD
demonstration units found in many department stores and an early
commercial version of something similar to a modern MP3 player.
Many thousands of these units were sold.

OK, where did Outdoor Audio Systems come from? 10 years ago
my son came home from school and said that the band director
would let him play guitar in the marching band ..... if I would build a
battery powered backpack amplifier for him. I did and it worked
well, but it was really heavy! The project was interrupted by many
consulting jobs and I never commercialized the idea. But, now a lot
of things have changed, better outdoor speakers, lighter and more
powerful batteries, etc. But maybe I'm digressing too much.

One day a friend suggested that we put a radio in a PWC. The radio
ate up too much power and was too big to fit anywhere on the
PWC, so I designed and built our first MP3 power amplifier. M
friend's wife loved to assemble the amps, so right before
Christmas of 2005 we formed dbAudioSystems. After 15 months as
a partnership,
my company has been renamed Outdoor Audio
Systems and is now a sole proprietorship.

The business has been growing at a fantastic rate and has moved
to a new location 3 times the size of our previous digs.
Over 1,000
packages have now been shipped from our Ebay Store!
I expect
this summer season to be great!

Please enjoy our products as I strive to keep product quality, value
and customer service at the highest possible levels.

Thank You All!

John Jamieson
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